keyboard / Dual Shock 4 controller (Partial support)

wasd / L stick - Movemen
R / R3 - lock on

Space/ circle - dodge (Don't depend on it too much. It's not very responsive)
Hold Space / circle - Running
L CTRL / L3 while Running - Jump

L Mouse Button / R1 - Attacking
R Mouse Button / R2 - Parry (requires bullets and C0RrEcT Timing)

E / Cross - interact
F / Square - selected quick item (Steel Flask(healing) by default)

X/ Down on D-pad - toggle quick items

Esc / Tab - Inventory/Equipment/Character - etc. Screens (use tab if you're trying to play Full screen on the Web version)


Download 34 MB
Download 38 MB
Download 53 MB

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